22 things to do while I'm 22

 I always said I would do it but I never did. I'd like to give it another shot. Do you remember my old list? Yup. This one. That went well(not). So, I am revisiting that list and added one thing to make up my...
22 Things to do while I'm 22
1) Read all Sidney Sheldon books
2) Be friends with somebody I don't like
3) re-connect with somebody from my past
4) Learn and play atleast 7 songs using a guitar
5) Fit into 32-in waist pants
6) Take a picture with a random stranger
7) Have a tattoo
8) Watch 7 films in 1 day
9) Meet atleast 2 bloggers in person
10) Perform in a crowd of atleast 100 people
11) Try bunjee jumping(or something similar)
12) Stay awake for 25 hours straight
13) Be a vegetarian for a week
14) not lie for 1 whole week
15) Have my hair colored
16) Jog for 30 days straight
17) Lie in the middle of session road
18) Ride a bus to unknown destination
19) Climb a mountain/go camping
20) start my own business/get a part-time job
21) sleep before 12AM for 1 month
22) Teach my puppy some tricks

It would be nice to finally do this. No more stalling. Hopefully. Ha!


  1. hahaha XD ang daming mong nilista. ang tawag ko dito ay parusa sa sarili. lol :P

    1. haha. parang ganun na nga. Masokista ata ako eh.

  2. This is actually great! Haha! Good luck with you in completing the remaining things in your list! :)



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