Jun 7, 2011

to someone I really miss [REPOST]

I would have wished a different path for you but I have learned to let go of all the bitterness. I miss you...

It has been two years since you left. I didn't know how I would go on. I know I've been selfish, praying over and over again that you'd stay a little while longer but you didn't... which made me a little frustrated since you rarely disapprove of my wishes. I should be angry with you, especially since you left without saying goodbye, but I'm not. I love you way too much that it makes it impossible for me to hate you then. I still don't hate you now... In fact, I think I love you even more if it's possible considering you're so far away. And even though you fail to communicate with me, I would like you to know that I've been trying my best to keep my promises. I still look after your brother, who is starting college this semester. And i know you'd find it amusing that he wants to become an Architect... it's what you have always wanted to become right? I still remember your sketch of your dream house, simple yet elegant. You could have been a great architect you know? And your mom... she doesn't show it but I know she gets lonely. Sometimes, i would catch her tearing up when we talk about you... and she would catch me tearing up as well. It has been two years since you passed away, and nothing has changed... I'm still hoping that you're still with us or that i'm up there with you. I'm sorry that I almost forgot about today. I'm sorry that I don't get to spend time with your brother as much as I would like to. I'm sorry I got so busy... I'm just sorry. I miss you, I miss the brother I had in you. It's funny, I know you're dead but somehow i know you're alive. In my memory, you will always be... I miss you brother.
Three years and not a single memory is forgotten. I moved on. We all did. Not from you, but with you...