Apr 26, 2011

OTH effect

i'm watching season 5 of One Tree Hill right now and i'm surprised at how much i like it now than i did the first time my sister tried to push it down my throat. it is this show that is filled with poetry, drama, and apparently only good-looking people are allowed in this "reality." oh wait, that sounds a lot like my life. HA! I wish! Anyway, there is this one line spoken in the show that really struck me. it goes something like, "Wanting to do something is not enough. You have to do something about it so that you won't look back ten years from now and imagine what could have been."

I am 21 years old and as I right this, I am realizing how much I've missed on just because I always think that there's tomorrow for me to do all these things but the truth is that tomorrow doesn't always come. We should learn how to live each day as if it were last. God knows... maybe it is. Would you have forgiven yourself knowing you could have done something amazing now but instead, you wait for tomorrow that may or may not come? 10 years from now, i wouldn't want to look back and say, "damn, I bet it was easier to have abs when I was 21." So it's decided...

Apr 15, 2011


remember the list that i made months back? the one i should finish before my next birthday? it's a lot harder to accomplish than i thought. 6 months gone and i am nowhere near half of finishing the list. getting a little worried... but then i always come through in the last second so i'm having my fingers crossed.

They say that one of the best ways to accomplish things is to broadcast them to a lot of people... Apparently, you'll work harder to avoid public scrutiny from failing. So, here it is...

21 Things to do while I'm 21
1) Read all Sidney Sheldon books
2) Be friends with somebody I don't like
3) re-connect with somebody from my past
4) Learn and play atleast 7 songs using a guitar
5) Fit into 32-in waist pants
6) Take a picture with a random stranger
7) Have a tattoo
8) Watch 7 films in 1 day
9) Meet atleast 2 bloggers in person
10) Perform in a crowd of atleast 100 people
11) Try bunjee jumping(or something similar)
12) Stay awake for 25 hours straight
13) Be a vegetarian for a week
14) not lie for 1 whole week
15) Have my hair colored
16) Jog for 30 days straight
17) Lie in the middle of session road
18) Ride a bus to unknown destination
19) Climb a mountain/go camping
20) start my own business/get a part-time job
21) sleep before 12AM for 1 month

haay... lifting weights?... think positive, walang AAYAW!

Apr 4, 2011


one of the things i like most in blogging is that i get to meet very interesting people.
some are nice.
some are nasty.
some are funny.
some are just plane weird.

but if you are lucky enough... you may just meet someone like ate Ilocana...

she is one of the first bloggers who have commented on my blog and she always have lots of nice things to say about my posts. i don't know if she's just being nice or she really find my writing "inspiring" but nonetheless it boosts my ego and makes me want to write as best i could. eventually, we shared stories like only friends would and it really feels nice to be able to have that kind of relationship with someone who lives in another continent. don't get me wrong, when i said "relationship," i meant a brother-sister kind of relationship. and what's great about her is that when she makes a promise, she'll do it.

mga ka-eyebags, behold...

i was excited... it was the first time someone has sent me a package. "ME," addressed in my name. haha. para akong batang nakakita ng regalo. and child i was when i opened the box...

haaay.. parang Christmas lang. hehe. Thank you for these gifts ate Ilocana. You could have sent me the letter alone and it would have made me just as happy... masaya lang ako na nag-effort kayo to make this little boy smile. hehe.

I would have modeled the shirts kaso medyo masikip pa... medyo lumobo kasi dala ng aking injury. OO. sinisi ko pa rin ang aking injury. hehe. you were asking if i liked the clothes... well...

it's my style

it's nice

it's interesting

are you sure? wahaha.

just kidding. I loved them all. Thanks ate... you are just wonderful :)

by the way... my sister says thank you :)

Apr 3, 2011



oh, and yeah... i'll be blogging more :)

walang mahanap na matinong picture sa baul. hehe