Oct 30, 2010

samu't saring kuwento 5: love and hate

I really don't get women. Sometimes, they fight for gender equality, sometimes they want special treatment. For example, whenever i'm on a line for a bus ticket or cafeteria, ladies would sneak in on the line and wouldn't give a damn about it. One time, i have waited an hour in a line and this girl came in front of me and declared, "pasingit ha?" take note, declared! not asked! pinag-isipan ko pa talaga kung ngingitian ko o sasakalin ko eh. maybe i'll do both next time...


sabi nila, your friends are those who stick with you during your worst.. and that's true. but it's your job as their friend to avoid getting them into sticky situations. i mean, wouldn't it be nice to have them around at your best? kahit minsan lang.. para maiba naman.


People will always say things about you. Sometimes good. sometimes bad. sometimes made-up. Let them talk. Have pity on those people who have nothing going on for themselves that they have to talk about other people who actually experience life.


I haven't slept in a week because i finally discovered the link to Boy Meets World. The entire show has 7 seasons, and somehow, i have managed to finish 3 seasons(25 episodes each season) in just seven days. and that's not even the weird part... I cried like five times over this show, and it's comedy! i don't know if it's sleep deprivation or just a clear indication that i am losing it!


kuya limwell, ako, allan, kuya francis

wala namang istorya sa kanila.. namimiss ko lang talaga tong mga mokong na to. it sucks... the minute you say, "wag kang mag-alala, walang magbabago," the opposite happens. hmmm... i should definitely put this on my to-do list while I'm 21, get these guys together again... kahit kaladkarin ko pa sila. nyahaha.

Oct 27, 2010

breaking free

i'm having butterflies in my stomach again. it happens everytime i have to do something that i really don't want to do, or if i missed a meeting with "doro." haay... it is so easy to be happy, but getting everyone to be happy for you is another thing. i mean, for the first time in a really long time I am finally doing something that is good for me... something that makes sense for the path i want to take. It may look and sound like a crazy decision on my part but i feel like that's what I've been missing all my life. I have been sheltered and protected... even to a point that my life has become "our" life. well guess what, i am taking charge of my life. it may not be my best decision, it may even turn out to be a big mistake... but i know that this is a mistake i have got to commit. whatever the consequences of my actions will be are mine to be responsible for... and if they care for me as much as they say they do, then they would be there for me, cheering me on or giving me comfort. I am tougher and braver than what they give me credit me for. maybe this time, it's not me who needs the help...

i just wish i'm as brave in words as i am in my actions. someday i'll be able to tell them all these and more, but not today... maybe when they don't see me as a helpless little child anymore, or when they grow ears :(

Oct 25, 2010

The brother is APPARENTLY a PIG!

Flattery(webster's dictionary)> insincere or excessive praise.
Flattery(nightcrawler's "made up" dictionary)> is the best cover-up/introduction for an insult.

we may have done it once or twice, may it be for something that is brought about by a good intention or something that is brought about by "politeness." here are some scenarios...

Scenario1> mom is not happy about son's weight gain: "alam mo anak, ang pogi mo... pero mas pogi ka nung payat ka. mag-diet ka nga! ang taba mo na!"

Scenario2> friend worried about lending his jacket to someone: "iyong isa na lang ang hiramin mo... mas bagay yun sayo. mas malaki!"

Scenario3> sister accompanies brother in fitting room: "ang ganda ng kulay, bagay sayo! pero huwag na lang iyan ang bilhin mo, may nakita akong large sa kabila!"

sugar-coating insults don't make them less painful... it actually makes them worst. but thankfully, i'm a dude. this is where boys being trained not to listen finally pays off!
"i'm tubby now, and i like it!" is what i would say if i am that someone but i am not. i'm not. nope. not really. hmpft!

cartoon version of me?

image taken from http://www.comicvine.com/tubby/29-2976/

Oct 20, 2010

samu't saring kuwento 4: may gatas pa sa labi

apat na araw na akong hindi lumalabas ng bahay. it's frustrating, due mostly to the fact na puwede naman akong lumabas kung gugustuhin ko. i feel like a prisoner of my own doing, bilanggo ng katamaran. haay... i have bed soars all over my body, nakakapagod din ang sobrang pahinga. maybe it's the right time to start exercising again.

i really don't want any of my friends or family to read my blog. It's not because I have something to hide but I feel like this is one part of me that I would rather have as "mine." I know it sounds weird given the fact that this blog is public and is open for anyone with internet connection but my blog serves as a haven where my thoughts are suppose to be exposed without inhibitions and I'm afraid that them knowing about this blog would subconsciously make me filter my writing. Do you have that feeling as well?

i'm finding it hard to complete my list of 21 things to do while i'm 21. I am stuck at number 17. Fudge! it shouldn't be this hard.. can i count "Finish this list" as number 17? will that be considered cheating?

when will moms get it that dinner is not the right time for sermon? sa dinami-dami ng reklamo at hinaing, ang naalala ko lang ay, "tumatanda na rin kayo, paano ka makaka-hanap ng girlfriend kung di ka lumalabas ng bahay?" huwaw... muntik na akong mabilaukan. sige po ma, masunurin naman akong anak eh. pahinging pang-date?! pinapa-migay na kami ni ate? bata pa naman ako ah!? may gatas pa ako sa labi...

ngek... alak na pala nasa labi namin. hehe.

Oct 17, 2010

samu't saring kuwento 3: boy meets world

i want to write but words seem to evade my fingertips right now. i mean there are a lot of things going on about me right now but i'm finding it hard to type it all down and put into words. does it count as writer's block? i don't know but i think i owe it to myself to finish this post and write about something as my reward for staring at this damn monitor for the past three hours now. ok.. where to start?!... uhm... oh, i'm almost done with my list of 21 things to do while i'm 21. it's a lot harder than i thought but if i want to get started early and accomplish all of it in a year, i should put more effort into it. what else?! uhm... i'm kind of in a weird situation with some of my close friends. you see, i was told that sometimes friends forget how to act around each other after they have been apart for so long, and i guess in most cases that's true. but i don't want it to be weird around me and a friend.. i mean, we've been through so much and i don't want to see it all go to waste just because we couldn't get past this. how do you get into the friendship groove again? and i was told that my being close with a lot of people is becoming a problem... i don't know. am i really becoming a friendship slut? is such term really existing? haay... i'm also sad about leaving my friends and my organization. i'm not even sad about leaving the school but leaving them? it's devastating. how weird is it that just a week ago i was in a state of happiness and a week later, devastation? i'm beginning to think that i have multiple personalities, although i hope not.

during my elementary days, even before my obsession with FRIENDS, i was hooked by BOY MEETS WORLD. it is a show about, well... a boy meeting the world! haha. it was a good show and i remember loving the show so much that i was devastated when it ended. i don't care about what others say but i really do believe that it was about me and that my life is patterned after cory matthews' life... i'd meet someone, be head-over-heels in love, have amazing friends and family, and live happily ever after. if only life is that easy... does anyone know if the show is on dvd? if you have the copy, give it to me... i'll give you big bucks!

matagal na akong di nakakapag-blog hop. i have been so busy this past week na hindi ko na nasusubaybayan ang mga buhay ng mga paborito kong bloggers. after the mass mamaya, i'd spend the whole night reading and back-reading your posts.. i am so much behind already. yung iba pa naman diyan tatlo hanggang limang beses sa isang linggo kung mag-update ng blog nila. ok... i have to get ready now. may date pa kami ni Lord... pasasalamatan ko pa siya for everything sa buhay ko. talk to you in couple of hours , ' )

image taken from http://www.dreamstime.com/puzzled-smiley-icon-image32733

Oct 11, 2010

10-10-10 best. birthday. EVER. so far...

biggest card i have ever received!

funny how i've been able to write a lot about my life for the past 13 months and have a hard time constructing a post for what is possibly the best birthday experience ever... so far. I mean, where do i even begin? will the awesome arm wrestling be a good way to start the story? or probably shooting hoops with my cousins and beating their asses?! maybe, it's the karaoke singing that stood out the most... but I have a soft spot for the lengthy joyride around the city. What about the big surprise/connivance of the three "baboys" who surprised me with a good cake and the biggest letter I have ever received? That was awesome. Just as awesome as the stroll on the beach with some buddies, or eating ice cream on a deserted basketball court in 1 am. and ofcourse, making few bucks for being cute and oh-so-awesome isn't my least favorite as well. haaay... my body aches all over but i don't care because i feel so loved. 10-10-10 has truly been one of the most beautiful days of my life... being able to share it with most of the people i love and cherish. major thanks to God for that wonderful experience, which by the way more than made up for that birthday fiasco a year ago. Salamat talaga. wala nang paglagyan tong saya ko ngayon.

too bad 10-10-10 was the same date for the bloggers' eyeball! darn! I so wanted to meet a lot of my fave blogging idols. haayy... i guess i'll wait for the next one. speaking of fave bloggers, thank you to those who wanted to party with me, although not physically but in spirit.

salamat yanah, xprosaic, superjaid, jag, and drake. da best talaga kayo!

salamat din sa lahat ng bumati sa akin sa cp, fb, twitter, email, comments section, etc. maraming salamat sa words of wisdom at sa mangilan-ngilang pambabalahura! at dahil good mood ako, salamat na rin sa mga nangakong magbibigay ng picture greeting pero di naman nagpadala! hmpft! kidding!

Oct 9, 2010

not growing up?

i'll be 21 tomorrow... am happy and quite confused. is my being 21 mean that i have to be this responsible and mature person? i mean, we live in a world where perception of us means a lot and i just am not confident enough that i'll be able to act the way they want me to. don't get me wrong... in my own universe, i know i am a mature person... in a twisted kind of way. i don't always know what's right from wrong, but i know when to say sorry and when to stand my ground. i am a bit spoiled but i have learned to share my blessings. sometimes i can be emotional but... well, i don't care. haha. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm not sure if i can be the guy that they all expect me to be, but what i know is that i try my best to be the best guy that i know i can be. you can't pressure a guy, or any person for that matter, to be a certain type at a certain age. all these pressure nonsense about growing up is all crap. so to all of you people who expect men of maturity by 21, sorry for the disappointment. afterall, growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional! or something to that effect...

photo taken from http://www.explodingdog.com/title/growingupisaggoodthingtodo.html

Oct 4, 2010

samu't saring kuwento 2

the thing about mothers is that just when you think they get it, they don't. i mean, she keeps shoving me these self-help books about time management, goal-setting and all that crap about trying to find what's best for me and my future. the thing is i know what i want to do with my life. what i don't know is how to do it with her always breathing down my neck. i know mothers know best but sometimes they get so clueless... i guess it's our job as kids to teach the oldies huh? but in all fairness, she tries. i guess GOD programmed us that way: parents-TALK, kids-WHINE!


kumain kami kanina sa isang sosyal na restaurant. for the record, it doesn't matter to me where or what we eat, it's who you eat it with that matters... pauso ko lang para kunwari deep! haha. pero di nga... kahit sa jobee lang ayos na ako. anyway, disappointed ako sa lasa ng pagkain. yung sinabawang sotanghon walang lasa saka yung spare ribs parang good for 3 ants lang sa konti. haaay... i swear, for a restaurant that expensive(vat should be inclusive by the way... mga pasaway) i expected a lot better. i could have cooked a more decent meal with half the price. haay.. sabi nga sa kasabihan... walang matabang na nilaga sa patis na maalat! di ko alam kung anong relevance niyan sa istorya, pauso ko lang ulit!


something that not a lot of people know about me is that i love to write... and i've been working on this novel for so long pero nahihiya akong ipabasa sa iba. i guess takot akong makarinig ng pangit na salita... you know, everyone's a critic nowadays. kaya i have decided to put it on my to-do list... my 21 things to do while i'm 21. kanina ko lang naisip yan and again, pauso ko lang. at dahil kanina ko lang naisip, lima pa lang ang nasa listahan ko. 1) read all sidney sheldon books 2) reconnect with someone from my past 3) be friends with somebody i don't like 4) let someone read my novel 5) fit into my 32-in waist pants... i still have a week to complete my list and a whole year to accomplish them. wish me luck. how about you? do you have a to-do list for yourself? were you successful?

nga pala, dun sa may pangarap maging professional tv/movie writer, a golden opportunity came up. Jun Lana, famous award-winning writer and youngest Palanca hall of famer is conducting a free writing mentorship for three months. take note, writing mentorship at hindi workshop kasi gusto niyang turuan yung mga taong gustong gawing propesyon ang pagsusulat at hindi hobby lang. for more information on how to join, check out jun lana's blog on junlana.blogspot.com. bilisan niyo rin dahil tatlo lang ang pipiliin niya. if only i had the time, i would join but since i don't, i guess ikakalat ko na lang ang magandang balita. you're welcome guys.
ps. kung sakaling makuha ka at dito mo nalaman ang tungkol sa mentorship, gawin mo akong bida sa pelikula mo ha? o kahit supporting na lang muna... ok? ayos :P

photos taken from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/d/disagreed.asp; http://www.examiner.com/la-in-los-angeles/jollibee-the-philippine-answer-to-mcdonald-s; http://junlana.blogspot.com/