Mar 7, 2010


i've been reading the magazine part of Philippine Daily Inquirer at na-aliw ako dun sa numbers thing, the one where a particular number denotes a year of an important event or number of times you have farted in a day. Dahil likas na sa akin ang maging gaya-gaya at inggitero, I've decided to make one of my own. may konting pagkaka-iba naman para di masiyadong makasalanan ang nightcrawler! haha.

10 the number of years i gave myself to live life before settling down
9 number of times i've been asked if i was a virgin and they didn't believe me
8 number of "monays" i want to have in my abs(only seven more to go! haha.)
7 the record number of days i went on without a bath
6 the number of phones i lost/have broken(apparently, i repel technology)
5 times i change my shirt before i leave the house
4 number of times in a week that a stranger comes up to me to tell me I look like someone they know(apparently, i have a very generic face... this s*cks)
3 the least number of lies we tell in a day(according to reader's digest)
2 number of girls that have broken my heart(the last one doesn't count... i broke hers T_T)
1 the surprise you'll get from the nightcrawler before the month ends. Abangan...

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  1. 8 packs tol? hirap nun... 6packs nga lang hirap ko ng gawin 8 pa kaya? haha pero pareho tayong may 1pack...sayo nga lang 7 pa, akin 5 na lang hehe

  2. pang ten na ko: are u rily still a virgin? :D

  3. @mokong ganun talaga parekoy. mangangarap na rin lang tayo, taasan na natin. libre naman eh. hehe.

    @vonfire Hoy! esyusme po! bergin pa po ako. haha. ikaw talaga vonfire.

  4. @chingoy haha. you really should. apir tayo jan, ikasa mo :P

  5. Rare ang virgin na lalaki. Ibig sabihin never pa ka pa, as in?
    Was it by choice? Or never had a chance?

  6. @rah haha. weird ba? mejo maka-luma kasi ako eh. definitely, by choice yun parekoy :P

  7. nice one bro.... numbers do really mean somethings. So you got 10 more years before you tie the knot.... in these times I don't know if you can really set the time for marriage....wag mo kong tatanugin about that...


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