Apr 13, 2012


I've been really busy... and lazy.
I want to do something about it...
Which is why tomorrow, I am jogging my *ss off!
I am completing my list.
Only now, we'll have to call it 22 things to do while I'm 22 (because I am now 22-- I know, duh?) and I need to add another thing to accomplish.
Wish me luck :)

By the way, it feels so good to be blogging again. I wonder how my virtual friends are doing...


  1. im lazy too..but we should keep going because life is short..sayang..we can do this :)

  2. apir!mabuhay ang mga tamad!haha

  3. hi bro. longtime!
    im glad u keep on writing!

  4. Salamat sa pagbisita mga parekoy. :)
    @pareng AJ magblog ka na nga ulit. wag kang tamad. wag mo ako gayahin. hehe

  5. Liked this poem ... Some of your other works were not in English, and I couldn't understand the language :-(

    Anyways, it was great visiting your blog, and am following it too :-)


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