Oct 22, 2011


I was recently asked to write about pain. Why is there such an obsession about this subject matter? Why are we so intrigued about it that we equate writing about great deal of emotion to a literary goldmine? If that is so... why not happiness? joy? why does it always have to be about pain? Sometimes I wonder, do we read about pain to recover from our own? or for the sheer pleasure of knowing that somebody out there have had it worst than us and that our pains may not be as painful as we thought it were?

We are we so quick to judge people who are "plastik!" Sometimes, what we get is a reflection of what we give off. If you give authenticity, then you get truth. If you give anything other than that, then what do you expect?


  1. *Maybe it's because some people are gratified by pain? LOL

    Depende sa mood yun parekoy hehe...bsta ako as much as possible happy happy lng...life is short, enjoy every bit of it :)

    *Just be yourself. Do not perform actions because of other people. Walang ibang dahilan pra mamuhay according sa gusto ng iba at kung ano ang nkasanayan nila. Live for your family, for your real friends, and most importantly, for yourself.

  2. Can't decipher the answers to those questions but one thing I'm sure I can't believe you have a new blog post! wehehe. :D

  3. @jag wow. grabeng gratification naman yan! haha.

    @krn haha. muntik ko na ngang makalimutan an may blog pa pala ako. masyadong busy eh. hehe. di bale, dadalasan ko magblog at magblog-hop. :)


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