May 28, 2011

the summer that was- PART1 [Health Concious?]

I've been doing too many activities this summer that it made it almost impossible for me to write 'em all down. In tagalog... tinamad akong magblog! haha. But seriously, i have too many stories to tell that I have decided to write them in series. And since summer is almost over, I would like to look back on those memories that made this summer experience one of my best yet.

One of the things on my to do list... you know, "the list," is to fit into my 32-in waist pants again. I know it's a long shot considering my March 2011 waistline(which will remain a secret forever by the way) but still... I needed to start somewhere, right? So... as much as I wanted to stay away from the enemy, i had to succumb to it's powers. Behold...The ENEMY:

It was hard! I was so pumped the first day that I got carried away and lifted the heaviest dumb bells, crunched most times, and basically outdid every single person in the gym. The next day, I couldn't even move my arms. The next week, after seven days of physical healing, I went back. This time around, I was less intense and more keen on achieving a realistic goal. With everything in line, I went back as religiously as I can. I lifted weights, I jogged, I played, and I even finished running a marathon. Something amazing happened... I started feeling good. Little did I know that my journey through weight loss would lead me to the path of redemption, acceptance, friendship, and self-discovery(More of all these on next posts).

Anyway, as my "summer weight-loss program" comes to an end, I believe that results are quite favorable. I lost 17 lbs and gained a lifetime's worth of memories.

Haay... It's funny how we know that things do end and still, we wish they wouldn't. And in time, you'll realize that even as time do really pass and some memories fade, that feeling of momentary bliss will remain with you forever.

PS. If you are wondering why I only lost 17 lbs during this summer considering the activities I've done... well, I would like to believe that I would have lost more if not for the muscles that I have packed on during the process. Promise. yun talaga ang dahilan. Maniwala ka :)


  1. It's a tough decision to buy a gift. We always want to mum likes our present. They always says- it's beautiful :D

  2. show us the abs!!! i demand! hehehe kidding :D

  3. kung di lang sa PS mo.. im thinking of pagkatapos ng work out eh kumain ka na naman.. hahaha joke

  4. Wushu! Di nga?
    LOL! Npadaan for the longest time...


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