Apr 15, 2011


remember the list that i made months back? the one i should finish before my next birthday? it's a lot harder to accomplish than i thought. 6 months gone and i am nowhere near half of finishing the list. getting a little worried... but then i always come through in the last second so i'm having my fingers crossed.

They say that one of the best ways to accomplish things is to broadcast them to a lot of people... Apparently, you'll work harder to avoid public scrutiny from failing. So, here it is...

21 Things to do while I'm 21
1) Read all Sidney Sheldon books
2) Be friends with somebody I don't like
3) re-connect with somebody from my past
4) Learn and play atleast 7 songs using a guitar
5) Fit into 32-in waist pants
6) Take a picture with a random stranger
7) Have a tattoo
8) Watch 7 films in 1 day
9) Meet atleast 2 bloggers in person
10) Perform in a crowd of atleast 100 people
11) Try bunjee jumping(or something similar)
12) Stay awake for 25 hours straight
13) Be a vegetarian for a week
14) not lie for 1 whole week
15) Have my hair colored
16) Jog for 30 days straight
17) Lie in the middle of session road
18) Ride a bus to unknown destination
19) Climb a mountain/go camping
20) start my own business/get a part-time job
21) sleep before 12AM for 1 month

haay... lifting weights?... think positive, walang AAYAW!


  1. Dear nightcrawler,

    based on my hypothesis, ur consciousness is more of d body than (teaching) d mind... below is an approximate count of ur imprvmnt list category:


    hehe, goodluck in any case!


  2. good luck kuya!kaya mo rin yan..ako rin plano kong matulog ng maaga mabago ang sleeping pattern ko

  3. @LASER hey man... i appreciate the effort on coming up with a "theory" on my list but i kinda think that you were a little off on certain aspects. I would like to think that my list is:


    hehe :) agree?

    @superjaid thank you. good luck sa ating mga ka-eyebags! bwahaha

  4. 21 ka pa chong? hehehe.. mas matanda akoi isang taon.. sabay nalang kaya tayo papayat.. haha

  5. Honestly, parang hirap yatang gawin lahat yan ah, hehehe.. Sa point of view ko lang ha.. But you seems sooo determined so good luck ading. And may the FORCE be with you. :D

  6. sidney sheldon. magkakasundo tayo dyan. i bought two books nya. naked face and doomsday conspiracy. but haven't read yet. hehe. humiga sa gitna ng session road, pangarap ko rin yan! hehehe

  7. @kikomaxxx tara na. sabay na tayo mag-gym at nang makapag-bilad na ng katawan sa madlang people! bwahaha

    @Ilocana haha. i am very well determined ate. you'll see. when are you going to visit? ito-tour ko kayo sito sa amin :) by that time, kasya na mga damit na padala mo. haha. hopefully.

    @krn read 'em now. those are the first two books i have purchased of sheldon and they were fantastic. they would make a believer out of you :)

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