Jan 1, 2010

2010 is my year... deal with it!

oh yeah. 2009 has finally ended and gave way for my year... 2010. why, you ask? well.. why not? i just kicked 2009's *ss and i'm hungry for more(evil laugh with a hint of naughty.) haha. so, to officially kick off my year, i'm listing down 5 things i'm leaving behind and 5 things i'm keeping for that *ss-kicking i'm talking about.

i am leaving...
1)laziness... rest in peace you sick b*stard.
2)binge eating... not good for my tummy, looks, and apparently my wallet.
3)pornograpy... ok, maybe not totally. baby steps people!
4)poor hygiene... the less you know, the better. haha.
5)binge eating... oh, did i already list it? then this one is for emphasis! haha

i am keeping
1)my smile... sometimes a great smile can take you places, it can even save your *ss at times. i got references to prove it! haha
2)innocence of youth... an individual is happiest in his early childhood. why? three words people... innocence. diapers. barney!
3)music... it makes the people, come together. yeah.
4)my blog... corny as it may sound, my blog and my alter-ego nightcrawler has given me so much pleasure and i'm quite sure, at one point, it saved me from total insanity.
5)my family and friends... it's always nice to know that you're back is covered. thanks guys.

to everyone who has been a part of my 2009, thank you. i'm inviting you again this year as a new saga begins.

oh, and by the way, our outreach program was a success. sorry i can't post any pictures as we were asked not to. thank you to all the generous people who have supported our worthy cause and may the joy and giving spirit live on even after the holidays. good job everyone.


  1. Base! jijiji...

    Sa akin nmn kailangan ko pa cguro kumain ng mas marami para tumaba nmn kahit konti hehe...

    Congee sa project nyo!

    Happy New Year Parekoy!

  2. Naks! talagang may emphasis sa pagkain ah... jijijijiji... Pero bakit si barney pa?! jowk! jijijiji... happy new year!

  3. happy new year!

    natawa ko sa baby steps adik ka hahahahahaha

  4. @jag haha. tama yan. magpataba ka! wahaha. at kailangan talaga eh bago ang picture parati? haha. peace tayo.

    @xprosaic kailangan talagang may emphasis parekoy. isa ka sa may kasalanan kung bakit ako tumataba. puro pagkain kasi laman ng blog mo! haha. pero di ako nagco-complain ah.

    @jasonhamster haha. atleast honest. saka mahirap na yung biglaan no, kaya dapat dahan-dahan lang. haha. o di ba? ayos :P

  5. parekoy hapi new year!

    just keep posting amd listening to music ha?

    ung baby steps di ko magetz pakiexplain nga he hee!

  6. Wow! New Year's resolution ba ito? XD

    3)pornograpy... ok, maybe not totally. baby steps people!
    -->*EVIL GRIN* muwahahaha!

    Happy New Year parekoy!!!

  7. ops naligaw, I think it's my year too jejeje

  8. A blessed Happy New Year my friend, may new hopes, joys and good health follow you and your family.

  9. Parekoy, happy new year! nway kumpleto ang daliri mo ngaun matapos ang putukan kagabi! lols!

  10. @vonfire oo naman parekoy. musikero tayo kaya tuloy-tuloy yan. yung baby steps, dahan-dahan ang ibig sabihin.

    @fiel-kun haha. mejo ganun na hindi.ang gulo! haha.

  11. @enhenyero oks lang yan parekoy. di ko naman sinosolo ang taong ito eh. share tayo para masaya :P

    @superjaid happy new year too. happy new year too :P

  12. @mokong happy new year sayo parekoy:P nakakatuwa ang mornings on the rush mo :P

    @thepope wow. salamat. may your family be blessed with love and happiness. oh, and by the way, are you "the" pope? hehe. kidding.

    @kablogie kumpleto pa naman ang mga daliri ko parekoy. ayaw ko na magpaputok kaso gusto ni mama yung fountain. hehe.

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