Sep 5, 2009

mr. night crawler's first

i remember telling myself that the only time that i'll be writing my own blog is when i get so bored, i'd want to strangle myself with my phone's charger. since i can't find my charger, i thought i'd start the blog instead.

random things about me:
1. I'm not inspiring at all. If anything, i am a bit on the rough edge. hindi lang halata 'cause i have a unique way of carrying myself. so if that's what you're looking for, find it somewhere else.
2. I don't have naked pics or vids of myself... yet. haha, just teasin'. I'm not that bored!
3. I'm an insomniac so expect that most of the updates will occur during night time or early morning.
more details will come soon... anything you want to know about me... just ask.

be nice, be naughty, be yourself. We'll get along just fine.


  1. Hello. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  2. hi dude. good to hop here from pareng ever. hamo dadalawin rin kita ng madals if bored din ako, hehe.. biro lang, to support newbie in blogging like u. its cool to have many friends here.

    more power and keep on writing those thoughts!..see u around. ps: ill ad and follow u up.

  3. @AC no problem. just getting acquainted with blogging :)

    @AJ haha. salamat. maganda ang blog mo. mapapasilip ako dun every now and then. salamat sa suporta.

  4. hey newbie..welcome to blogophere... more post to come tol...

  5. napangiti ako sa una mong katha :)


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