Feb 25, 2010

guess who?

kumusta mga parekoy? lahat ng naka-miss sa akin, raise your right hand... then twist it, fold it, and break it in two, then smile. GRABE naman. ang tamad niyo. sige na nga, if you missed me, smile na lang. Ayan, sabi ko na nga ba, miss niyo rin ako eh. hehe. pakipot ka pa. so, how is you? it has been a while since i've had enough libog, or gigil if you will, para makapag-blog ng matino.. not even enough gigil to actually write one. haaay... well, let's not dwell on the past and focus on now, I'm back baby. sa pito kong fans jan(yup, i'm talking about you pareng jag and drake. jag counts as 3 and drake counts as 4, depende kung sino mas mabigat. haha.), kumusta kayo? i am yet to visit your blogs and i'll be there soon. madami ako ikukuwento sa inyo pero di muna ngayon... uunti-untihin ko na lang sa inyo in the posts to come.

sa ngayon, i want to talk about IDOL. yup, nightcrawler's an idol "enthusiast"(i'm not even sure if i'm using the word right. haha) I've been following the show "religiously" since season 3 and i have got to say, the talent this year is crazy, in a good way though. if you have been following since the start of this season, i'm sure you'll agree with me that the boys have it this year, again. And watch out for this guy. reminds me of allen(with the guitars and all), gokey(similar voice and freakishly similar looks), and lambert(ability to creatively interpret songs). My money's on him this year.

*oh, and by the way, i know it's a little late but Happy Valentines day